Hospitality Startup Crushes Opening with Social Sentiment Marketing Strategy

Updated: Aug 24, 2018


heyMATTER Marketing Campaign Planning Helps Launch New Hospitality Brand

The hospitality world can be pretty volatile and cutthroat. You’ve either worked in it, know someone who works in it, or seen enough comedies to get a pretty decent feel for it. You’ve also probably become quite attached to a bar, restaurant, or coffee shop, only to eventually feel the pain of it simply being gone one day. We are a fickle bunch. So helping a new, potential-franchise hospitality business develop marketing campaigns to break into an established, highly competitive market was an exceptional challenge.

Industry: Hospitality | Business Type: Startup | Revenue: $6MM

Business Challenge

Gain immediate visibility, brand engagement, and resulting foot traffic for grand opening, and subsequent opening weeks, among a crowded and highly competitive landscape. With a relatively restrictive budget and timeline, many traditional marketing campaign executions were simply off the table. Determine what works and what doesn’t for future openings.

heyMATTER Solution

Lead the business through a tailored, 9-step marketing campaign planning process to develop a low-cost, high-return, multi-channel marketing campaign to drive quantifiable brand engagement and foot traffic.

heyMATTER Benefit

With little time and budget, heyMATTER collaborated with the business executives to develop a straightforward marketing campaign, based on:

  • Who it is selling to

  • What its customers need or are trying to achieve

  • If and how the business meets that specific customer need

  • When the customer needs, or is thinking about, what the business provides

  • How the business can earn loyalty

  • What is success.

With those questions answered, the marketing campaign plan was developed to include social influencers, local community events, and geo-based social applications.

While many marketing campaigns have (or should have) highly tangible business goals with direct business impact (e.g., e-commerce sales, request for quote), the hospitality company had a slightly different focus. As hospitality organizations now live and die on social sentiment, the business was most interested in ensuring positive engagement with customers prior to store visit, and following. This meant the marketing campaign planning had to account for the types and level of social media customer service required to exceed customer expectation. With a fully-vetted marketing campaign plan in place, the hospitality business succeeded in creating quantifiable social buzz, customer engagement, and in-store sales, exceeding initial expectations.

Business Outcome

Resulting from the successful execution of the heyMATTER-supported marketing campaign, the hospitality business successfully:

  • Created positive social sentiment and buzz prior to grand opening

  • Drove overwhelming foot traffic through grand opening and subsequent opening weeks

  • Proactively managed negative customer experience, transforming them into loyal supporters

  • Established a committed customer base that will be utilized for future growth/expansion initiatives

  • Defined processes required for a successful business launch that can be leveraged for future openings/franchisees.

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