Healthcare Org Achieves 20% Growth with Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

Updated: Aug 24, 2018


heyMATTER Marketing Strategy Supports Customer Service Differentiator

The world of healthcare is gigantic, crowded, confusing, overwhelming, and often more concerned with business and profit than caring for the individual’s health. However, one healthcare provider built a $50MM business by investing in customer relationships, attentive care, and nearly unbelievable customer service. Despite such clear competitive differentiators, and more than 20 years in business, the company’s revenue had dropped by almost 40%, and a new leadership team was brought in to help change the business trajectory. Part of its business transformation strategy was a complete reintroduction to the market, with a greater focus on promoting its historic differentiators.

Industry: Healthcare | Business Type: Corporate | Revenue: $40MM

Business Challenge Operating in a limited geography, and competing against dozens of competitors offering the same commoditized products and services, the company had to find a way to create a unique brand persona, ensure that it was seen and heard over the market noise, and, ultimately, drive new customer engagement and past customer reactivation.

heyMATTER Solution Guide the business through a collaborative, 6-step marketing strategy process to develop a 3-year marketing plan, supported by an immediate 10-month marketing strategy to drive the business’s transformation and growth targets, including: rebranding, e-commerce growth, online customer service, and new product/service launch.

heyMATTER Benefit Even with an amazing company history, customer service offering, and healthy revenue, the business struggled to see itself in the context of how its market had changed and what would be required to achieve greater, long-term relevance, sustainable visibility, and new customer engagement. Through heyMATTER’s objective, consultative approach, supported by a collaborative, transparent, and proven process, the executive team achieved strategy consensus, development, and adoption of its first marketing strategy on-time, and on-budget.

Business Outcome Although a marketing strategy does not directly create revenue, it does provide the infrastructure on which business-driving marketing campaigns are developed. For this healthcare organization, the new business-aligned marketing strategy provided a tangible growth-plan touchstone for the executive team, which later resulted in several supporting campaigns, a new e-commerce website, a customer reactivation program, and customer service platform implementation. The tangible business results include continued year-over-year growth of nearly 20% and quantified brand lift.

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