National Transportation Company Uses Marketing Project Management to Evolve and Thrive

Updated: Aug 27, 2018


heyMATTER Marketing Project Management Helps Transportation Company Find Growth

The transportation industry has been in a state of constant disruption for the last several years, largely due to companies like Uber and Lift, but also due to the introduction of self-driving vehicles and the mass adoption of electric vehicles. So, it’s safe to say that if a company was traditionally, deeply embedded in the U.S. transportation industry, they have likely struggled to adapt, evolve, and thrive in this new environment. One of the nation’s largest fleet companies refused to become a forgotten relic of a bygone era. Instead, it chose to adjust its core business model, product/service offering, and overall customer experience to meet and exceed modern expectations.

Industry - Transportation | Business Type - Corporate | Revenue - $1B

Business Challenge

Despite wielding one of the largest fleets and most comprehensive service offerings in the U.S., an aged business model and overly complex customer experience positioned this veteran transportation company as an 8-track player in the Internet of Things age. This negative market position opened the door for smaller direct competitors, new market entries, and even indirect, out-of-industry competitors to erode its market share. The challenge: don’t be irrelevant to target customers and complicated to do business with; leverage depth of industry experience, partner network, and vast inventory; drive marketing /positioning consensus across the organization. One component of the transformation was a complete digital reinvention of the business, comprised of multiple marketing projects.

heyMATTER Solution

Guide and support the transportation company through the digital marketing aspects of its business transformation, including cross-departmental collaboration, with a simple, 3-step approach to project management; utilize tightly executed project management and constant, concise communication to ensure a systematic and controlled approach to introducing major business and customer experience changes.

heyMATTER Benefit

When heyMATTER was introduced to the transportation business’s challenges, the transformation project was already partly underway. It was immediately clear there was miscommunication and even dissension between the Board of Directors, executive leadership, and Marketing and Sales departments. Although heyMATTER was contracted to assist in the definition and project management of the digital marketing initiatives, the heyMATTER process identified additional, underlying business/organizational challenges that had to be addressed for successful marketing project completion, let alone for the success of the larger business transformation effort.

Upon identification and communication of these findings to the executive team, heyMATTER’s project management remit was expanded to include marketing-related business transformation efforts within IT, Sales, and HR.

Through heyMATTER’s simple “Plan It, Build It, Follow It” approach to project management, consensus was achieved among the executive team and internal departments regarding which newly identified challenges must be addressed prior to, in conjunction with, and following completion of the previously identified digital marketing projects.

With a shared project roadmap in place, the digital marketing projects proceeded to completion over the next 9 months, including a new CRM-driven website, social media-based customer service model, marketing automation integration, new comprehensive marketing strategy, and 12-month marketing campaign planning (e.g., new brand launch, subsequent product/service-focused efforts).

Business Outcome

For this transportation company, much was on the line, and time and budget were of the greatest value. By utilizing heyMATTER’s 3-step approach to project management, the business was able to uncover and resolve a number of business challenges that would likely have gone unidentified for some time, negatively impacting its business transformation and customer experience. The tangible results of this project management effort include the successful execution of all marketing projects, on time, within budget, and exceeding expectations.

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